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Fifth Annual Carter Memorial Softball Tournament Rules

August 2022

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Carter Memorial Softball Tournament - Please follow and abide by all rules.

Now let’s have some FUN!

· There is no jersey rule – they are optional

· Respect all umpires, teams, players, and individuals

· No drinking or beer cans in the dugouts (City of Casper Facility Rules)

· Clean up after your self in dugouts and in the park


Game Rules

· 55 minute game time limit

· No warming up on the fields, 5 minutes to warm up before the game, games will start on the hour

· Home team to provide official score keeper


 Home Run Rule

 Men’s Upper – 6 total

 Men’s Lower- 4 total

Coed – 6 total

§ Teams can purchase up to 3 more homeruns for $10 each OR teams can purchase a wristband – designate a hitter for $50 for the whole tournament.


 Run Rule

 25 runs after 3

 20 runs after 4

 12 runs after 5



· At your teams scheduled time to umpire, teams must provide 1 plate umpire

 If 1 plate umpire is NOT PROVIDED you forfeit the tournament


Rain out

In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee will look at the number of games played and games remaining to determine how to proceed. Runs scored versus runs allowed will be a determining factor in final standings in the event the tournament can't continue.


Protest/ Tournament Committee

· Sean Robison

· Chris Schultz

· Todd Cabrera

**If you want to protest, you must immediately notify the umpire PRIOR to the next play and the umpire will get a member of the protest committee to report to the field. At that time a decision will be made if the protest is valid, and if so, the committee will meet and come to a resolution. ALL decisions of the protest committee are final**



*Absolutely NO FIGHTING – it will NOT be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave the game and/or premises. *

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